Rite Aid scenario

May 11, 2009

This is what I’m doing tomorrow at Rite Aid:

1 Got2B Hair Spray $4.99 (stinks but works!)
2 Schick Razors $11.49
1 Charles Worthington Conditioner $5.99
1 Easy Off BBQ Cleaner $2.85

-$5 RA coupon
-2 $4 Schick coupons
-$.75 Easy Off coupon
-$11.99 SCR
=-$.42 +tax


Weak week for triple coupon shopping

April 29, 2009

One of my grocery stores is doing another triple coupon promotion starting today and ending in a week. They’ll triple any coupon up to $.99. Rumor has it that they’ll be doing it monthly as opposed to every 2nd-3rd month or so.
This was one of the more really, super not exciting rounds of tripling. I’m starting to think that they plan what items they put on sale during triples around what coupons/coupon amounts are out there, and not to the couponer’s benefit. Which is fine, it’s just getting boring.

This cost $7.

This cost $7.

♥ today’s Rite Aid trip

April 25, 2009

I’ve made at least 5 this week, here is one of the more practical ones:

2 Loreal Skin Genesis face cleansers = $13.98
1 NovaMax meter = $9.99
2 Mentos gum = $2
Total= $25.97

Coupons I used:
$5/$25 Rite Aid coupon
$3/2 L’oreal face product coupon
2 – $1 Mentos gum coupons (makes them free)
Rebates I’ll get back:
$9.99 for the meter
$5.00 for buying $13 worth of L’Oreal

Grand total: $.98 or $.49 each for the cleansers! yay!

Thankfully I love the Pike’s Place roast…

April 23, 2009

at Starbucks as long as the kids behind the counter don’t slack off and make it taste like water with a hint of dirt and wood. In observance of Earth Week, Starbucks locations inside of Targets are giving away free coffee when you bring in your own mug through Saturday. I called ahead to confirm the one closest to me was participating. Indeed, so I’ve loaded up on Pike’s Place quite a bit this week, and it was for free and very good.
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Obliged only to Rite Aid this week

April 20, 2009

I’ll most likely ignore Walgreen’s and CVS this week because Rite Aid has a lot to offer. Ah… Capitalism.
I’ve already made 1 trip and I have 1 more planned. I’ll most likely have at least 3 trips in the bag at week’s end.
Two majors things I will have accomplished here: Lots of toilet paper in the house along with some Dove shampoo and conditioner that I really like (but only ever experienced through tiny free samples). So here’s the low-down:

Trip 1:
4 – Cottonelle 4-pk
1 – Bengay Ultra
1 – RA brand Ceterizine (like Zyrtec)
1 – Sunday paper
-$3 in Sunday paper coupons
-$10 in Rite Aid-specific coupons
-$6 SCR for Bengay (rebate)
=$7.44 out of pocket

Trip 2
1 – Compound W Freeze Off Kit
1 – Wartner Wart Removal Kit
1 – Dove Shampoo
1 – Dove Conditioner
– $2.50 in Sunday paper coupons
– $21.98 in SCRs
-$5 in Rite Aid-specific coupons
= -$3.5 moneymaker

So, those 2 trips will only cost me $3.94 +tax altogether.

The wart remover is going to in-laws with kiddies and I just remembered Listerine is a great price this week. It’ll be worked into a run and I’ll hopefully get it free.

Three certainties… death, taxes and freebies

April 14, 2009

Here is a slight bright side to a soul-stealing day known as Tax Day: freebies!
Here’s a popular run-down occupying the Internet right now:

•Free ice cream. MaggieMoo’s Ice Cream and Treatery will give away single-scoop servings to customers at 200 stores in what it calls an “e-cone-omic ice cream stimulus package.”

•Free sweets. Snack chain Cinnabon will give out Tax Day Bites, free bite-size cinnamon rolls usually known as Classic Bites, from 5 to 8 p.m. at its 700 outlets on tax day.

•Free tacos. At its 275 restaurants in the West, Taco Del Mar will run a promotion: “Taxes Suck. Tacos Don’t.” People can register at the Taco Del Mar website for an e-mailed coupon for a free tax day taco.

•Free gift cards. T.G.I. Friday’s will give Wednesday customers $5 Bonus Bites gift cards for food and beverage purchases of $15 to $25 and $10 cards for those who spend more than $25. Members of the 1,000-outlet chain’s frequent-customer program also will get double points.

It’s safe to call ahead if you’re going to try and take advantage of one of these deals to make sure your location is participating.

Why banks are flipping out on cardholders

April 10, 2009

As we’re all aware, the economic crisis has huge banks flailing as they weren’t impervious to really, really bad decisions themselves.  They need money and they need it stat.  Remember when credit card companies would do everything they could to convince you to carry a balance?  Those days are long gone and cards with balances are poison- they need your whole balance now and not in increments.  American Express was offering some problem accounts $300 or so to pay off their balance and close their accounts.  Too funny. Since you read my 4/7 post on Chase, you know they tried their darndest to manipulate full balances out of people.  They failed and quickly backed down because they were dead wrong, but that boondoggle exposed their aura of desperation further.

As the Wall Street Journal reported, Bank of America is going to try super, duper hard to alienate as many customers as possible by catapulting low interest rates to double-digit territory.  No lie.  I tell you what, they need to get some of us aggressive couponers up in those corporate offices to show them how sound financial decisions are made.  Just throw us a couple-hundred-thousand-dollar pittance (comparatively speaking) for gracing them with such innovative knowledge.  We’ll make that last our whole lifetime.  Why?  Because we rule at handling money and making crazy-smart financial decisions.  But I digress. BoA customers can opt out of the interest rate hike thankfully, but then they can’t make any new purchases on the card.  If they do, their rate will take flight.

So, we know some banks are desperate for money because of bad decisions compounded with the current economic climate.  To try and recoup, they’ve entered into the business of aforementioned shenanigans.  However, there is another huge factor that has them scrambling psychotically for your cash: the Credit Card Accountability Act, AKA the Credit Cardholders’ Bill of Rights Act.  It places restrictions on what credit card companies can and can’t do to their customers.  It’s set for lift-off July 2010.  You can read more about H.R. 5244 here.  As part of the legislation, banks can no longer raise your interest rate retroactively (unless you’re 30+ days late with a payment).  It also “limits any imposition of an over-the-limit fee to once per billing cycle”.  The government is taking away a few of the huge moneymaker outlets for the banks.  So the banks are doing all they can to milk as much out of their customers now as possible.  Our poor government, they can’t win for losin’.  They try and do something good with legislation and well, it just bites consumers in the butt before it takes affect.

No doubt there is a silver lining for consumers who are affected by the banks’ sudden money-grubbing.  Consumers will hopefully be more hesitant to rack up balances on credit cards in the future.  Until then, I hope the very best for people who find themselves in a financial bind because of the fast tricks of their scheming banks. 

I have seen the apocalypse of…

April 9, 2009

expired coupons. I finally put in a hefty-almost irrational-amount of time going through each and every coupon in my binder, hunting for the expired ones. The amount I ended up with is most unprecedented for me.
Military families can use expired coupons up to 6-months after their expiration date. There are a few guidelines to follow, but sending in expired coupons to the military is a darn good way to feel like you’re still getting your $$’s worth out of your Sunday paper. Here is a site for more information on the expired coupons program.

An infamous record for me.

An infamous record for me.

Iced Coffee Day at Dunkin’, yahoo!

April 8, 2009

Simply- I’m going to be making at least 3 trips to Dunkin’ Donuts on Tuesday, April 21st. This is Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee Day! All day on 04/21, iced coffee at the Dunkin’ will be $.50 and 10% of those sales are going to Homes for Our Troops. A good deal + donations to a great cause = where I’m at.
I’m seriously and madly in love with Dunkin’ Donuts, they are my Achilles’ Heel. Their coffee is the most consistently spectacular coffee. I also dig on Caribou and Starbucks, but the consistency hasn’t matched that of DDs. Oh, and you can get a garlic bagel toasted with cream cheese at DDs as well. God is so great.

Oops! You’re busted Chase.

April 7, 2009

I have an extremely low-interest credit card with Chase with a balance- I’m talkin’ a rate lower than my government student loans. I’m crazy diligent about paying it in a timely manner (like any bill, always). So Chase is making very little money off me.
They fixed my wagon when they sent me a letter late last year saying they were tacking on a $10 “monthly service fee” to my account- dangerously close to breaching our TOS. But they want my ‘dead weight’ balance gone.
When my husband called them for answers, he had to go up a few chain-of-commands until he found someone who would tell him the truth as to why they would start issuing monthly fees- “We aren’t making enough money off this really responsible account, so we started charging you-and others like you-a monthly service fee”. The next day I had a call in to my Attorney General’s office. It wasn’t returned because I’m just a minion, but that’s an example of how livid I was.
Enter tons of consumer complaints to Chase.
Enter political pressure on Chase.
Enter lawsuits against Chase.
Enter a letter of recant into my mailbox today.
Oh yes. Chase, under aforementioned pressures, will be refunding me-and 400,000 other responsible cardholders-any service fee applied to my account and will desist any further $10 service fee charge. Chase gets to dole out over $4 million now. A firm founded in the late 1700’s is still living and learning. Kinda interesting.