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Walgreen’s Looks Fun This Week

March 29, 2009

Since I still don’t have a CVS GC in my hands, it’ll be a Walgreen’s and Rite Aid week.   I have a $5 off $25+ Walgreen’s coupon that is set to expire, so I think I’ll give it to them this week.   Here is how Walgreen’s will go for me tomorrow in 2 consecutive trips:

Trip 1

3 – Reynold’s Aluminum Foil 20ft.

1- Wal-itin Allergy Relief

1 – Chapstick True Shimmers

1 – New Skintimate Shave gel product

2 –  Scotts 4-roll TP

1 – Glade Trash Bags, 45ct, 30 gl.

1- Softsoap Body Wash


-$5/$25 WG’s coupon

-1 Walgreen’s Reynold’s Wrap store coupon

–  [3] $1 – Reynolds Wrap (excl 25 ft only), from 02/08 Sunday paper

– [2] $1- Scott Extra Soft TP, from Sunday paper

-$1-Glad Trash bags, IP

-$6.99 Wal-itin ESR (rebate)

=$8.64 out-of-pocket and I’ll get back $5.98 in store credits + a $3.99 coupon for another Softsoap Body Wash

Trip 2

$10 worth of Physicians Formula Organic Wear Make-up (a mascara and another item)

1- Softsoap Body Wash

1- Snuggle Fabric Softner Sheets, 80ct

=19.58 (let’s say my make-up comes to $11)

-$.50-Snuggle coupon

-$5.98 Register Rebate from Trip 1

-$3.99 Softsoap coupon from Trip 1

-$10 Physicians Formula Rebate from WG’s

-$5.99 Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara Rebate (I’m assuming the mascara will cost around $5.99)


Total for Trips 1 & 2 = $1.76

Pretty happy that we’re quite low on trash bags, fabric softner and TP (sort of) and I was able to work it in to a great Walgreen’s run this week.

Rite Aid won’t be nearly as thrilling and I haven’t planned a solid trip yet.


iTunes Price Hike Begins April 7

March 28, 2009

According to the LA Times, iTunes is tossing their $.99 flat-rate pricing strategy in favor of a “variable pricing” one on April 7.  Individual songs will now fall into 1 of 3 price ranges: $.69, $.99 or $1.29 if you’re eying a really popular humdinger.

I recently received a $15 iTunes GC in the mail from a Colgate sweepstakes but I haven’t used it yet;  I’ve been waiting for this price change to kick into gear.  I’m hoping that the songs I want will fall into the $.69 catagory.  *fingers crossed*

I doubt this would affect any offering of free downloads, which are sometimes wonderful.  Here’s a blog called Free iTunes Downloads that keeps pretty good track of what’s available for free on iTunes.  Someone’s gotta do it.

It’s Rite Aid This Week

March 23, 2009

The drugstores are pretty boring this week, except for Rite Aid.  Such a shame, as I remember a year ago having a blast watching the freebies accumulate.  Maybe it’s the economy.  I’ll hit up Rite Aid at the least, as I’ll be making some money to shop there this week (see below).  I’m holding off on CVS until a giftcard from my debit card’s reward program comes in the mail.  Otherwise I’d have to pay a little out-of-pocket for stuff I don’t need and that’s nonsense.

Rite Aid will go like this:

3 – Synovium gel inserts

2 – Vitamin Shampoo + Conditioner (BOGO)

2 – Kotex female stuff


-$5/$25 Rite Aid coupon

-$2-Synovium coupon

-$2-Synovium coupon

-$2-Synovium coupon

-$10 RA Synovium Rebate

-$1 Kotex coupon

-$1 Kotex coupon

-$1 RA Kotex Rebate

-$6.99 Vitamin Shampoo Mail in Rebate


So a $3 moneymaker for me after I buy those things and my rebate checks come in the mail.  I hope my husband finds gel inserts useful.

Quick Intro :)

March 7, 2009

Miser. Cheapskate. Piker. Skinflint. Tightwad. Whatever- I enjoy being tastefully stingy with money.

Being frugal is pretty time consuming but it’s as fun as a game for me.  It helps to have motivation like… you know… student loans.  But it’s a way of life for now and probably always.  So here’s a chronicle of how I use coupons, rebates, sales and other promotions to my advantage in order to save a lot of money.


Here's a pic of my beloved coupon binder. It's a 5-Star brand binder that was clearanced at $5. It's pink and gray. =)